RUS Parshenok Andrey

Place: Kotlas, Russia

Rating: 1469.07, Rank: 970

First game: 2021-01-05, Last game: 2021-10-03

Top rating: 1476.74 (2021-01-05)

Games: 14, Wins: 3, Draws: 0, Losses: 11

Gy1: 14, Gy2: 14, Gy5: 14

The tournament of Arkhangelsk region, group C,G
Date 2021-10-03 Rating 1469.07
Round Color Result Opponent
C1 White Win RUS Pakholkov Stepan 1402.90
C4 White Loss RUS Nikolaev Mikhail 1672.72
C8 Black Loss RUS Kazantsev Konstantin 1792.96
С2 Black Loss RUS Startsev Maksim 1967.47
С3 White Loss RUS Vereshagin Dmitrii 1702.80
С5 Black Loss RUS Ozerov Denis 1677.31
С6 Black Win RUS Garmanov Radion 1476.53
С7 White Loss RUS Kozhemjakin Kirill 1565.34
С8 White Loss RUS Noskov Pavel 1918.02
The Championship of Arkhangelsk region
Date 2021-01-05 Rating 1476.74
Round Color Result Opponent
M3 White Loss RUS Pavlovskiy Egor 1742.52
M4 White Loss RUS Geletyuk Konstantin 1619.77
M5 White Win RUS Bykov Dmitrii 1720.94
M6 White Loss RUS Potapov Stepan 1698.17
M7 Black Loss RUS Pakholkov Stepan 1435.06