RUS Sokolov Andrei

Place: Konosha, Russia

Rating: 1624.20, Rank: 898

First game: 2020-11-08, Last game: 2021-04-25

Top rating: 1628.78 (2020-11-08)

Games: 22, Wins: 8, Draws: 0, Losses: 14

Gy1: 22, Gy2: 22, Gy5: 22

Moscow Open Youth 2021
Date 2021-04-25 Rating 1624.20
Round Color Result Opponent
B1 Black Win RUS Kulagin Artem 1451.27
B2 White Loss RUS Vislovich Vladislav 2047.39
B3 White Loss RUS Letovaltsev Metvei 1645.91
B4 White Win RUS Kulemin Anatoly 1491.30
B5 Black Loss RUS Sprikut Albert 1640.98
Youth Championship of Konosha region
Date 2021-03-21 Rating 1625.34
Round Color Result Opponent
CG1 White Loss RUS Buslakova Darya 1862.47
CG2 White Loss RUS Vostriakova Yulia 1690.19
CG3 Black Win RUS Vereshagin Dmitrii 1677.97
CG4 White Loss RUS Popova Maria 1682.24
CG5 White Loss RUS Fokichev Egor 1984.81
CG6 White Win RUS Kozhemjakin Kirill 1589.16
CG7 White Win RUS Lapin Maxim 1394.07
Youth Championship of Arkhangelsk region
Date 2020-11-08 Rating 1628.78
Round Color Result Opponent
C1 Black Loss RUS Pakhalkov Stepan 1528.32
C2 White Loss RUS Stoyanov Egor 2103.96
C3 Black Loss RUS Fokichev Egor 1962.21
C4 Black Loss RUS Prokopyev Andrei 1945.09
C5 White Loss RUS Sidorov Mikhail 2110.05
C6 Black Loss RUS Startsev Maksim 1945.46
C7 Black Win RUS Orlov Maxim 1717.89
C8 Black Win RUS Vereshagin Dmitrii 1673.55
C9 White Win RUS Lapin Maxim 1394.15
C10 White Loss RUS Kozhemjakin Kirill 1605.27