RUS Pakhalkov Stepan

Place: Kotlas, Russia

Rating: 1450.04, Rank: 872

First game: 2020-11-08, Last game: 2021-01-05

Top rating: 1452.93 (2020-11-08)

Games: 14, Wins: 2, Draws: 0, Losses: 12

Gy1: 14, Gy2: 14, Gy5: 14

The Championship of Arkhangelsk region
Date 2021-01-05 Rating 1450.04
Round Color Result Opponent
M1 White Loss RUS Startsev Maksim 1857.69
M3 White Loss RUS Noskov Pavel 1901.06
M4 White Loss RUS Semenov Andrei 1667.17
M5 White Loss RUS Potapov Stepan 1603.33
Youth Championship of Arkhangelsk region
Date 2020-11-08 Rating 1452.93
Round Color Result Opponent
C1 White Win RUS Sokolov Andrei 1587.91
C3 White Loss RUS Stoyanov Egor 2079.15
C4 Black Loss RUS Fokichev Egor 1889.31
C5 Black Loss RUS Prokopyev Andrei 1905.80
C6 White Loss RUS Sidorov Mikhail 2073.04
C7 White Loss RUS Startsev Maksim 1848.93
C8 White Loss RUS Orlov Maxim 1660.94
C9 Black Loss RUS Vereshagin Dmitrii 1585.16
C10 White Win RUS Lapin Maxim 1333.13
C11 White Loss RUS Kozhemjakin Kirill 1549.51